Roof and Yard Restoration After Tree Collapsed

Client: LA Private Homeowner

Task: High Damage Re-roof

Date: June-July 2018

Description: A private homeowner’s Eucalyptus tree, which was about 25-30 years old, in the backyard, the yard held a mount where the tree was planted, the trunk, rotted from within, snapped and broke off. The tree fell over the owner’s own bedroom roof. The tree damaged the eave of the roof along with the wall siding. To restore the house, we had to redo the framing of the eave as well as the siding. Due to the high damage to the roof, the homeowner’s insurance was able to pay to have the entire roof to be repaired, with high-quality, triple laminated presidential material. After the framing, the entire fascial board had to be redone. Finally, the entire tree, along with the remaining trunk, were removed. The entire repair job took about 7 days to complete.

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Full Roof Recovery After Fire

Client: LA Private Homeowner

Task: Burnt, half roof re-install

Date: August 2019

Description: A private homeowner’s garage burnt half of its roof off along with a storage unit adjacent to it. Half of the roof had to be replaced, the framing had to be redone, and the same procedure had to be done to the storage. New plywood had to be installed to the burnt half of the garage, however, entire garage’s roof had to be re-installed. The job took about 3 days to complete.  One layer of synthetic underlayment was used. New Limited Lifetime warranty shingles were used .